Teresa started playing the piano at the age of five. In her native city Hong Kong, it was normal for every child to play a musical instrument. She and her two brothers all played piano growing up. It was a way of living – but Teresa did recall she had fun playing with her brothers at the piano (they also played the violin). One could say she grew up in a musical family.

Teenage Teresa found solace in her piano playing, and she met her first Teacher who opened up her mind to the wonder world of classical music. She began to think playing the piano was something she would love pursuing more. She started to perform publicly and gained some early success. Eventually she went to a music high school and became the top student, studying a subject she truly loved. Her life was forever transformed ever since.

Teresa went on to study music and take up piano performance as her major at Hong Kong Baptist University. She was passionate about piano performance and classical music. She focused mostly on performing, but at the same time she took up piano teaching, not knowing much about this subject, because no one was teaching it right.

Teresa excelled academically and musically, and eventually graduated with first class honor (B.A. Music) in Piano Performance. She was also awarded with the Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music in Piano Performance (UK).  She went on to the United States to study at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, later awarded with a Master degree of Music in Piano Performance, with special interests in Piano Pedagogy and Choral Conducting.

Teresa is honored to have studied with great teachers during the time she spent in Indiana. She has participated in well-renowned music festivals, and performed frequently as a soloist and chamber musician in Europe, North America, and the Greater China. During her time in Hong Kong, she performed widely in public and on radio. She was a keyboard player for the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, an accompanist for Hong Kong Bach Choir, Opera Hong Kong Company, and a conductor at Hong Kong Children’s Choir and Shatin District Board Children’s Choir among many other music roles she performed.

Being a versatile pianist, Teresa is also passionate about her teaching. She was an adjunct lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University, and a teaching assistant at the Chinese University of Hong Kong when pursuing her research interest in historical musicology.

Teresa is the first person ever to develop iPhone applications to train music aural ability specifically for standardized exams presented by Associated Boards of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and other music exam boards alike. Her first successful applications (iTunes App) include Aural Training Grade 5 Lite (free version) and Aural Training Grade 5 (full version).

Her charity organization “Teresa Wong Music Academy” had organized concerts and workshops to educate and inspire music lovers, students and teachers in the community. Her piano school, “Teresa Wong School of Music”, was a great success in Hong Kong training piano students of all levels and ages as well as piano teachers from all around the world. The school is now maintained online, offering music training programs for piano students and teachers.

Teresa has decades of extensive experience helping hundreds of students to succeed in piano exams, competitions, auditions, performances, colleges and graduate schools, teaching, and most important of all, music enjoyment. She has served as a jury in prestigious international piano competitions. Now she focuses on private teaching and training other teachers in order to maintain a higher level of teaching quality and learning standard.

Teresa is the author of the following piano books, including “Piano Freedom”, “Technique Transformation Piano Exercise Book” and “Music on Wings” Piano  Beginner Course Books. The books are available on Amazon.com.

Teresa’ music can be found on all major music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.